Testing – Companies

Want to help make it better?

Since we started developing the Difference Engine, we have worked with, and sought feedback from, a range of people who are deaf, hard of hearing or partially sighted, and their feedback has helped guide development of the App.  We’ve also had a few other companies try it out and give us feedback on the operating side of thing, which has been invaluable.  As new features continue to be developed, we are now looking to identify some more organisations to help us test the new App, and other new elements as they come on stream.


Partner testers

At the moment we are looking to develop partnerships with a small number of companies / venues, to get more in-depth feedback from audiences using the Difference Engine for captions, and to trial new features including audio description and multi-channel captioning (e.g. for translation).  To get in-depth feedback we need to be able to attract a reasonable sized audience of Difference Engines users (rather than just one or two at a time), so we can hold focus groups and be able to have useful discussions.  Can you help by being a tester partner?

We are currently keen to identify:

Venues with existing audiences who are deaf or hard of hearing (or which are actively working to grow these audiences) who can support touring companies to use the Difference Engine AND/OR
Companies touring to a number of venues with those existing/emerging audiences – to get in-depth feedback on captioning

Companies or venues working with communities using languages other than English, who want to provide captions in translation (alongside English captions, or in more than one foreign language)

Venues (perhaps in partnership with touring or associate companies) – ideally in teh Midlands – with existing audiences who are blind or partially-sighted – to test a new audio description feature and to feed into its development.

If any of the above is your organisation – please get in touch! Being a testing partner will require an additional level of commitment from companies in terms of attracting audiences and supporting feedback sessions – but it can be a great opportunity to support your own audience development and to experiment with new ways of making work accessible. Please help us to revolutionise access, especially for the small scale, experimental and site-specific sector.